Adam M. Stewart (paintitblack) wrote in cf_singles,
Adam M. Stewart

Anyone here?

Well.. hm. I'm new here, so I may as well introduce myself. I'm a single male, almost 25, that lives in Colorado Springs, CO. I do not want kids, never have wanted kids, and am really sick and tired of dating people with kids. I am a car and computer enthusiast, gamer geek, and have various other hobbies I'm free to chat about. I might be poking back into the dating scene, but around here it's almost impossible to find anyone but single moms or ultra-religious girls who insist on 'letsgetmarriedandhavebabiesNOW!' Personally, I'm around here to date; I'm not a big fan of getting married at all, anyway.

So, anyone want to chat a bit? :)
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