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Ahh...once again it feels like there's no childfree men out there.

What's the deal with that? Eh?

I'm a 21 year old CF female. I live near Lexington Kentucky and,  it's supposed to be a good town for singles. Heck, Yahoo even listed in their top 50. But, out of all those 'singles' out there. Not one of them seem to be Childfree. I've searched dating sites up and down and none of the men say they don't want children here.

Is there a shortage of Childfree men everywhere. Or just in Kentucky? All I want is to find someone to give love to. And, that will give love back. I feel so left out of the dating game just because I have no desire to have children. I find it so disturbing and sad. :(

Feel free to respond to this message if you're a single Childfree man, I don't even care if you're from KY. I just wanna know if there's any hope for me left.
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