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Happy Childfree Pride Weekend 2008!


Happy Childfree Pride Weekend of 2008!

This weekend is the fifth annual Childfree Pride Weekend, a holiday weekend that I created for childfree adults so that they could take pride or show pride in their excellent childfree decision; this weekend occurs everywhere on Earth. This weekend excludes the non-childfree, where the non-childfree are the fence sitters, childless, past, current and foster parents, past, current and future stepparents, past, current and future surrogate parents, past, current and future godparents, past, current and future guardians of at least one minor, past, current and future parents, and past, current and future procreators. Childfree Pride Weekend occurs every year on the weekend of September's fourth Saturday.

Before anyone comments about the lack of an advance announcement, I have been quite busy in my life.

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Proud to be childfree,


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