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Hello, my name is Candice. I'm not looking for a boyfriend on here, but rather, some new friends who don't mind freely talking about how they think kids will ruin their lives and maybe what their future goals actually are. I realize that CF peoples are far and few between and I'm actually starting to feel a little hopeless, so when I find a community like this, I join right away to at least make new friends and feel like I'm not alone.

My life goals are: Become a Disney Imagineer or the female Neil Gaiman. Write books. Travel the world and se the Taj Mahal before I die as well as Scotland and Ireland. Find that special someone who DOESN'T want kids and marry him and live happily ever after doing WHATEVER WE WANT, without worrying about getting the kids to bed.

I'm an all encompassing artist. I make films, jewelry, and graphic art (not pornographic, just graphic). I was a Scottish Highland dancer for 14 years and love my heritage, but I don't focus my life around it.

I was very recently dumped (for the third time, by the same guy, for the same reason) because the guy wanted kids and I'm sick of false promises that if that person loved me enough, then they wouldn't give me up just because I want to live a life too (which to me, means free of children, to do as I please.) Again, I'm not looking for a boyfriend on here; this is just some background about me.
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